Easy steps to remove Downad/Conficker

Please follow these instructions to remove this malware/worm from your system

For the complete zip-file (approx. 3.2 MB)

  1. Download SysClean-WORM_DOWNAD.zip to your hard-disc (MD5 checksum F6E02A138996F159178B9EAFBC6001F6)
  2. Unzip SysClean-WORM_DOWNAD.zip to a local folder on your hard-disc
  3. Open the folder named SysClean-DOWNAD
  4. Double click the file named "Syscl3@n.exe"

For the standalone EXE-file (approx. 3.5 MB)

  1. Download Syscl3@n.exe to your hard-disc (MD5 checksum 2A96F46D6875C41C62CEBA90DF655480)
  2. Start the application with a double-click
  3. For details please read the readme and the disclaimer

In both cases before the graphical Interface of Sysclean Tool appears there will be some files copied on your local hard disc. Now click "Scan" - and your system will be checked.

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